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3 Simple Steps To Branded Social Media


Outside of your website, social media is the best tool you have to market your business and build brand recognition. Unlike your website, social media is all about building personal connections, interacting with your audience, and truly getting your message across to your ideal client without coming across as stiff.

So how do you make sure your social media tells your story, engages your audience, and adds value? Well, there are three simple steps to brand your social media and knock the socks off your audience.


Messaging And Voice

The first step to branding your social media is to be clear on your messaging and use your brand voice. While social media is more relaxed and less formal than say writing a blog post, you still need to be clear on the end goal of every post.


Topic Lists

One of the easiest ways to stay on message is to create a topic list for social media posts. These topics should reflect your business and will help you build a content calendar and post ideas.

My topic list looks like this:

Branding Tips
Business Tips
Blog Posts
Client Features/Designs
Shop Updates
Behind the scenes/ Sneek Peeks
Motivational Quotes/ Testimonials
Freebies/ Opt-ins

With this of topics in hand, I can create content that reflects my business quickly but still moves my business forward toward specific goals.



Another big way to make an impact with your message is to develop your voice for social media. This can take practice, the more you write the easier it gets, but it’s another way to give your brand some oomph.

When writing for social media it’s okay to relax a little and be more informal. Leave the technical language for blog posts. Don’t be afraid to let your hair down and have a little fun with your audience, bonus point if you can make them laugh and forget their troubles for a little while.


Visuals Are Important

When it comes to a brand, just like a person, the insides matter more than the outsides, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore your visuals on social media.

Your visuals are generally the first impression anyone has of your brand, and generally the sole reason they stop scrolling to read your wonderful content.

To brand your visuals keep your color and composition similar. If you choose to keep your visuals muted and neutral, don’t go throwing in an image featuring neon orange. If your visuals remain consistent they become more easily recognizable to your audience and increase the chances they stop scrolling over and over again.

Need a little help branding your Instagram feed? Visit the shop to get branded Instagram templates to engage your audience. 

Consistency Is Key

Keeping your visuals and message consistent can go a long way to building your brand on social media, but there’s also consistency in posting.

My biggest tip is to create a content calendar across all your social media platforms and then use a tool like Hootsuite to build a posting schedule… and stick to it.


To build a strong branded social media presence it doesn’t take much. Three simple steps are all you need to truly build the branded social media you need to engage your audience. It can take some time but following these three steps will pay off.

Which of these three steps will you be implementing today? Let me know in the comments.




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