Give you email list a serious boost with these 10 lead magnet ideas.

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10 Lead Magnet Ideas To Boost Your Email List


I am sure if you’ve started your business or even just researched the idea of starting a business you have heard that an email list should be your number one priority. I think anyone who blogs about business in any way has a post dedicated to the importance of list building as they should because… it truly is that important.

Your email list is going to be your business’ best friend and a major factor in your growth strategy. This is because the people who have willingly invited you into their inbox want to hear what you have to say. They want you to help them solve problems, and your email list is your direct link to them.

Email List= Important… but how do you get people to willingly hand over their precious email address? Lead magnets.


What Is A Lead Magnet?

Simply put it is a way to entice your audience to join your email list. This is most commonly a free resource that identifies a problem your faces and creates a solution to solve it.

A good lead magnet should:

1. Solve a problem in a way that gives your audience an immediate impact


2. Is well designed and easy to follow or implement.

So what are some ideas of high-quality lead magnets you can use to grow your email list?


Lead Magnet Ideas



Not as in-depth as a full-blown e-course, a mini-course offers a solution in a few short steps.

If you are getting ready to launch your signature e-course consider turning one of the modules into a mini-course as a way to give your audience a taste of the results they could get by taking the full course.

You could deliver the mini-course via videos, emails, or even audio like podcasts.


Resource List

As the name suggests this is a list of resources and tools your audience could use to help them solve particular problem.

If your a social media expert it could be a list of tools to automate your social media. A designer might give resources to easily create designs or source stock images.

The possibilities are truly endless with this lead magnet and they are a fast resource to put together.


An Ebook

No, you don’t have to write a 200-page manifesto on how to solve your audience’s problem. But a short and succinct ebook that break down a process is a great way to get people to sign up for your list.

I have seen 10-page ebooks that explain the in’s and out’s of Pinterest marketing do very well for business owners. Ebooks may take a little more time but they hold untold amounts of value.


Email Challenge

When I first started my business my number lead magnet was my brand clarity challenge. All it was. Was a simple series of emails that walk through specific steps to find clarity around your brand.

You could keep your challenge strictly contained to emails or you could add in workbooks to make it more interactive.



When I opened up the online shop I knew I wanted to give my audience an incentive to sign up for my list and be notified about new products that are added and promotions. The best way to do that was to offer them a discount on their first purchase.



Private Facebook Group Or Mastermind

I love the idea of offering your audience a private Facebook group to continue their experience with your brand. What a great way to be able to interact with your audience in a social setting and also still be able to jump into their inbox when you need to.

Your Facebook group or mastermind should have a clear focus and continue the engagement of your audience.



I love when I see a quiz on a blog and I am almost guaranteed to take it. I actually love them so much I actually have a brand personality quiz if you’d like to give it a try.

A quiz lead magnet shouldn’t be crazy long or require too many steps to get to the end and get your results. Your quiz can be something fun and interactive or a solution.


Stand out, be noticed, define your style, and build a brand that matters.

Webinar Or Workshop

Webinars aren’t just for pitching your service anymore. They are a great way to be able to offer a free solution that leads to your service or just builds trust and authority. Don’t be afraid to host a webinar or free workshop that doesn’t end in a pitch to “upgrade.” Being a valued resource is a great way to turn your list into buyers. You can always pitch your service in an email after the event.


Catalog Or Magazine

I think these two are some of the least used as lead magnets, but can honestly give your list a boost.

Who doesn’t love a good catalog of products? If you see products putting them into a catalog that your audience can peruse is a killer idea! Then they have given you permission to send them not just emails but other catalogs as your stock changes.

Magazines are another great resource for your audience. You can easily turn your featured blog posts into a digital magazine, feature other bloggers, or use it boost you affiliate marketing and collaborations.

And better yet… I have catalog and magazine templates in the shop so you can easily plug in your information and start list building.


Another favorite lead magnet of mine is any kind of templates I can use in my business. Social media templates, workbooks, checklist, websites… anything you create that your audience can easily customize for themselves is a great way to get them to give up their email. And with websites like Canva, it’s now easier than ever for you to create your very own templates



So what lead magnets are you going to implement into your business to boost your email list?




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