Bea Paperie Co


A little shop tucked away in the side streets of Denver is a little stationery shop called Bea Paperie Co. Owner Beatrice, Bea, has been hard at work curating the most eclectic collection of paper goods.

“The shop started in my garage in 2008. We added custom invitations in 20014 through Etsy. But when we found this old shop that needed a new tenant we decided to take the leap and start a brick and mortar location. That’s when I found Misty on Instagram and decided it was time to take our brand to the next level as well.”- Bea


Using Beatrice’s nickname as our starting point we decided to graphic monochromatic with the brand identity. Bea wanted her brand to reflect the simple and humble nature of her business.

“By the time our brand identity was done I felt like I was looking through the looking glass, and all I saw was how bright and happy our future was going to be,”- Bea



Brand Design


With humble beginnings Bea Paperie Co. we wanted to keep the designs simple yet whimsical. 


* Capture the humble simple feel of the shop

* Find designs that could be used on a variety of items, from tags to notebooks

* Design a brand identity that was timeless yet modern

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