Suzanne Giesemann


Former Navy Commander and aide to the Joint Chiefs of Staff Suzanne Giesemann has turned her life into helping others cope with loss and grief. Suzanne is a medium who helps people connect with their loved ones through the veil.

Suzanne emailed me after seeing another website I had designed and need help creating a place where people could come and find information and not feel overwhelmed.





Create an easy to follow navigation that allows readers to explore without feeling overwhelmed, and to create more consistent colors and white space.

I am thrilled with the beautiful new look of my website that Misty Designed and produced. She is a creative and knowledgeable professional who put real thought into beautifully capturing the essence of my work. I enthusiastically recommend Misty Anderson Designs for anyone who wants to take their website to the next level.

Suzann Giesemann

Before Redesign


After Redesign


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