5 Ways to reduce stress without leaving your desk.

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5 Ways To Reduce Stress Without Leaving Your Desk


Building a business, raising kids, trying to find the time to spend with my husband, do the laundry… It’s stressful. There are days I just want to burn my house down so it’s one less thing on my to-do list. I’d never do it, but man the thought has crossed my mind.

You feel me on this, don’t you?

Of course, you do. We all find ourselves stressed out at some point. And usually, it sneaks up out nowhere and says “Hey it’s me, your old friend stress! Don’t mind me I’m just going to sit in the corner and make you want to pull your hair out.”

When stress shows up and say’s don’t mind me… you better mind. You better banish her or she’s going to go from minor irritation to pounding headache faster than you blink your eyes.



How To Banish Stress Without Leaving Your Desk

We all have things to do. If you’re like me your to-do list is longer than your toddlers Christmas list which means you don’t have to time take a spa day every single time you feel stressed out. That would be a dream, but completely not feasible for most of us.

So what can we do to banish the evil queen who’s set out to ruin not just our productivity, but our entire day?

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Coloring Books

I’ve been using my favorite kindergarten pastime as a stress reliever since I was old enough to actually get stressed. As a matter of fact, I have two coloring books and a box of 120 crayons in my top desk drawer. We all know what’s in the top drawer is usually your most important items so that should tell you something.

Now you can do like me and go old school Barbie and Disney Princess or you can find yourself a nice adult coloring book with mandalas. You can find them just about everywhere, including your local dollar store.

Coloring can help you relieve anxiety in stress by switching off your brain from stressful thoughts and focusing on the task of staying inside the lines.

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Listen To Music

When I say this it doesn’t mean turn on your Spotify playlist while you work on what’s stressing you out. It means to put the work away for 5 minutes and immerse yourself in feeling the music in your soul. Preferably music that will combat whatever negative feeling your experiencing.

Music can literally foster your creativity and relaxation so it’s a great way to shed the stress.

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Diffuse Some Essential Oils

Believe it or not, your sense of smell is linked to your nervous system. More specifically your limbic system that includes your amygdala which works to control your emotions. Basically, smells can change your mood by releasing feel-good chemicals in your brain.

I happen to love this method because I have an oil diffuser on my desk that I can add a few drops of my favorite oil to and let the stress just melt away. Clary Sage is a good choice to promote relaxation and ease stress and anxiety.

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One of the first places my stress manifests itself physically is in the muscles in my neck and shoulders. This is probably something your familiar with because when we stress our muscles naturally tense up. This is where those dreaded tension headaches manifest from.

Doing some simple stretching as we did in middle school PE class can help relieve the tension and at the same time relive out stress.

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Last on my list, but not last in my heart is meditation. I honestly think committing to 10 minutes of meditation every morning has helped me keep much of stress from ever manifesting. This is because building a daily mediation schedule has been shown to actually change the way your brain and body respond to stress.

The key is to make meditation a daily habit. I have built it into my morning routine. You can read about that here.



I hope you walk away from this post with some ideas on how to banish stress when you first feel her making an appearance. All it takes is a few minutes and you can drastically improve your mental and physical health all without even leaving your desk.

Are there any other ways you fight stress? Let me know down below, they might just find there way into the post.




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